Takoma Central


Construction is a team sport. We’ve been building a deep bench of talent for over thirty years, all of whom understand that there’s more to success than just knowing how to do the job.

We emphasize the importance of building long-term partnerships with our clients. Our employees are advocates, not just for the job at hand today, but for the partnerships we hope to strengthen well into the future. They are true teammates, focused on the same goals and driving towards a shared success with every client.

J. Edward Hamel
Philip W. Gibbs
Thomas E. Wahl
Corporate Advisor
Michael P. Mueller
Executive Vice President
Oscar Macció
Executive Vice President
Tim Bowes
Vice President of Estimating
Beth D. Mueller
Chief Financial Officer
John Hamel
President, Hamel Commercial
Mike Nemo
Project Executive
Peter Saunder
Project Executive
Jim Mullan
Project Executive
Robert Lesniewski
Project Executive
Hank Coleman
Project Executive
Tom Dewlin
Project Manager
Joe Ellison
Project Manager
Tim Parry
Project Executive
Scott Andrews
Project Executive
Gene Eady
Senior Project Manager
Danielle Yarrish
Contract Compliance Manager
Landy Castillo
Human Resources Manager