Mission Statement & Core Values

Our Mission is to improve the quality of life of others. By applying our core values we create Outstanding Partnerships!

The Hamel Beliefs: Actions that set us apart.

#1 Do The Right Thing. We're building long-term relationships so we always look out for our clients' interests.

#2 Serve the Customer. We seek to exceed the expectations of every client by bringing value to every job every day.

#3 Be Respectful. We treat all people in a courteous and fair manner; employees, clients, subs alike.

#4 Take Individual Responsibility. We depend on each other to do our best job and to live by our core values.

#5 Be Tenacious. We don't quit when the going gets tough. We work through our problems and we finish the job!

#6 Be Prepared. Through readiness and preparation we help make ourselves and our business partners more successful.