Takoma Central


Our goal is neither to become a large, faceless corporation, nor to become obsessed with profitability. It is to serve the community. We’ve ordered our business around achieving that simple objective, for over thirty years.

Our focus has always been on building better, more affordable structures that do more than perform well financially – our goal is to build structures that improve the lives of those who live and work in them.

To achieve this simple goal, we’ve developed a sophisticated approach designed to reduce cost, improve quality of the end product and ensure as smooth a construction process as is possible. We’ve built a deep bench of talented, experienced professionals, all of whom share our vision and our values.

The majority of our business comes from clients who have worked with us before, and who opt to work with us from the very start of the pre-construction planning process. Our clients appreciate our philosophy, because they have seen how well it works in practice.