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Michael P. Mueller
Executive Vice President

Michael began his career at Hamel Builders in February, 1998 when he was hired as a Project Manager. He successfully completed 2,441 units of renovation and new construction before being promoted to Project Executive in 2008 when he became responsible for the oversight of two to three Project Managers running two to three projects each. In this role, he went on to complete another 1,803 units of renovation and new construction. In all, Michael was responsible for the successful completion of 4,244 units for a total contract value of $386 million before moving into his current position.

In August, 2015 Michael was promoted to Senior Vice President and began the transition from running a limited number of projects to that of managing all production for the company. Since January, 2016 he has been fully responsible for the oversight of everyone in the field from Project Executives, Project Managers and Superintendents to all support staff, carpenters, and labor force.

Michael’s many years with us in project management, from 1998 to 2015, as well as his prior roles as Vice President at James W. Miller and Superintendent with LoZitoContracting, have prepared him well for his current leadership position where he excels in managing subcontractor relations, overall quality control, and working directly with each client to achieve their ultimate goals and satisfaction. He truly understands the importance of team building at every level to achieve results that benefit Owners, Architects, and Hamel alike.

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