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Our Work

Negotiated Construction

Over 90% of our work is negotiated. We have found that this approach better aligns the owner’s interests and goals with those of the architects, engineers and contractors on any given project. It also reduces costs and improves quality, often enabling us to share savings with the owner. This partnership approach motivates us to think about success in terms far beyond our immediate bottom line.


We absorb the expenses of pre-construction because we understand the value of bringing everyone to the table early in the planning period. Without fail, this approach saves time and money, both for our clients, and for us.

During this phase, the estimating and project management team sits down with architects, engineers, ownership, subcontractors and other members of the project team.

We follow a well-honed procedure, involving cost analysis, document review, coordination and constructability reviews, scheduling, progressive cost estimating services, and cost-savings input. Construction delays, re-designs, cost overruns and other unforeseen expenses and delays can be avoided or significantly minimized with effective pre-construction analysis and planning. The pre-construction team remains on the project throughout the construction phase, ensuring a seamless, uninterrupted build-out.


Hamel has earned a reputation for on-time, on-budget delivery of high quality projects characterized by superior service, excellent on-site monitoring and supervision and attention to detail. Our experienced, passionate construction professionals have, in many cases, been with Hamel for over a decade. More recent hires must exhibit the same focus on integrity and accountability, which we believe makes our company unique.