Takoma Central
Mike Nemo
Project Executive

Mike has been with the company since August, 1996. Working at first as a Project Manager, he was elevated to Project Executive in 2008 where he became responsible for a team of Project Managers each running 2 to 3 projects. He oversees their efforts today in all areas of scheduling, purchasing, site management and quality control. Mike is a tremendous resource during the preconstruction phase where he brings his years of experience to constructability reviews and overall site evaluations in order to guide site utilization and sequence of construction.

While Mike has great depth of experience in both new construction and renovation, he has become a leader in renovation work where residents continue to live on site and in many cases returning to their units each day. His leadership and demeanor make him an excellent choice when working with residents and management companies.

Michael earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and Economics at The University of New Hampshire and was recruited by Mr. Hamel personally, a University of New Hampshire alumnus himself.

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