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TideLand Construction & Petroleum Joins Hamel Companies

News | Published: January 30, 2023

The New Year always brings in renewed energy, fresh perspective, and new pathways.

We are pleased to announce that on January 1st, 2023, TideLand Construction & Petroleum became a wholly owned subsidiary of Hamel Builders, Inc. TideLand is a commercial contractor based out of Eastern North Carolina, owned by Edwin Clark, Will Clark, Josh Clark, and Paul Sutton. They are a family business that grew their network through building gas stations and convenience stores and have branched out into other general contracting work over the years. TideLand has built churches, offices, and even car washes. Hamel’s President, Phil Gibbs, was reintroduced to Edwin Clark after 40 years of being away from his hometown through their partnership on the Hamel project, the Ficklen.

Over the last two years, the partnership between TideLand and Hamel has developed. The Hamel Team has gotten to know the owners and employees at TideLand and noticed several commonalities between the two companies. TideLand is smaller in volume and numbers but shares the same values in terms of philanthropy and professional life. Since Hamel has a larger infrastructure, the past year has held many conversations about what it would look like for TideLand and Hamel to become one. TideLand will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Hamel Builders and will continue to work as they have been on projects and building relationships in the North Carolina area. This partnership will make overhead more affordable and allow both companies to thrive.

In addition to general construction, TideLand will assist in marketing Hamel’s larger jobs. Paul Sutton will be actively managing this work, as he currently focuses on the gas station and convenience aspect of the business already. Already under construction, Hamel has Royal Farms Store #467 and Royal Farms Store #486 underway, which can be attributed to the relationship Edwin and Will Clark already have with Royal Farms. They introduced the Hamel Team to opportunities with Royal Farms, which has created future project possibilities for Hamel. TideLand and Hamel have worked together to obtain those jobs, and the current Royal Farms projects have been staffed with both TideLand and Hamel employees until the official merger.
The past year has been about navigating uncertainty in the world in a variety of ways. This merger signifies a step toward creating a complete and solid business in North Carolina that will allow this aspect of Hamel to grow at a more rapid pace, enhancing the company. Phil Gibbs is thankful for everyone’s patience and understanding, as making positive decisions such as this will last for years to come.

TideLand, Welcome to the Hamel Family!

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