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TideLand Construction and Petroleum Team Highlight

News | Published: December 18, 2023

In the world of construction and petroleum services, Tideland Construction and Petroleum stands out as a story of local initiative, timely execution, and strategic growth. Co-founded by Paul Sutton and Will Clark, Tideland was created due to a large opportunity in the market.

Paul, having spent considerable time on the road for work, wanted to venture closer to home. His experience with Trade Wilco Hess/Speedway provided the perfect springboard. Will, with a graduate degree and hands-on experience in the petroleum sector, was the ideal partner to kickstart the new business. Their combined expertise and unique business angle — building stores coupled with providing service  — gave them a competitive edge in a market without such a combined service offering.

The co-founders connected with Phil through a mutual acquaintance, Tom Brown, a trusted supplier of Hamel's fleet vehicles and a long-time friend of Will and his family. This connection not only broadened their network but also paved the way for a pivotal acquisition by Hamel with its new office in Greenville, NC.

Tideland's portfolio is as diverse as it is impressive. From constructing churches to equipping bars, convenience stores, and small medical facilities, they handle it all. They pride themselves on being a one-stop-shop for construction and petroleum services, managing everything from installing tanks to roofing — and all the intricate details in between.

Led by Paul Sutton, their on-site services are comprehensive, including heavy-duty tasks like breaking concrete for underground repairs on tanks and fuel pumps and overhauling above-ground fuel dispensers. Their expertise extends to the finer aspects of construction and service, such as plumbing, roofing, signage, and even providing kitchen equipment for major clients like 7/11 and Speedway. Tideland's footprint is also growing in the marine sector, with projects in Morehead City and Atlantic Beach.

Tideland Construction and Petroleum prides itself on its excellent quality of service. Their journey from a local startup to a company with vast capabilities reflects their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Whether it's a gas station or a church, Tideland is constantly bettering itself and the community around it.


Special thanks to the TideLand Team!

Don Alford

James Alford

Joseph Bland

Joshua Clark

William Clark

Dylan Justice

Kyle Klinedinst

Cathy Potter

Justin Reynolds

Joseph Sutton

Rafeal Sutton

Marvin (Paul) Sutton

Justin White


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