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Shady Grove & Georgian Court Completions

News | Published: February 15, 2024

Georgian Court                                                                                                                                                                        

Silver Spring, MD • 147 Units • 1154,827 sq. ft.
Owner: Housing Opportunities Commission of Montgomery Co
Architect: Karl Ridel Architecture.
Builder: Hamel Builders, Inc.
Type of Construction: Renovation


Shady Grove

Derwood, MD • 144 Units •150,634 sq. ft.
Owner: Housing Opportunities Commission of Montgomery County
Architect: Bennett Frank McCarthy
Builder: Hamel Builders, Inc.
Type of Construction: Renovation


In December 2021, two project teams began renovations at Shady Grove and Georgian Court, both properties owned by The Housing Opportunities Commission of Montgomery County. Both Shady Grove and Georgian Court are garden-style apartments, meaning they are multiple smaller buildings with a central stairwell, rather than your average apartment building with inside hallways. The Shady Grove project was a renovation of 144 units, with a renovation of the community center and laundry room and a newly constructed gym. Georgian Court was a 147 unit renovation with a new addition to the community center and more exterior renovations.

We sat down with John Hamel and Tim Molony, on Shady Grove and Georgian, respectively, to discuss the construction process, unique aspects of the work, and how the Housing Opportunities Commission of Montgomery County went the extra mile in their role.

The Shady Grove project, led by John Hamel, involved extensive structural work, including the removal of a wall that opened up the living spaces in each unit. This required renovations from the ground up, encompassing new flooring, HVAC systems, plumbing, kitchens, and bathrooms. Notably, the kitchens had quartz countertops and state-of-the-art appliances added, while the bathrooms saw significant modernization. The electrical systems and about half of the drywall were the only components that remained untouched.

In addition to these unit upgrades, Shady Grove's community amenities received significant attention. The community center and rental office were completely renovated, alongside the refurbishment of communal laundry facilities and the introduction of a new gym. John emphasized the Housing Opportunities Commission's (HOC) commitment to their residents, reflected in their willingness to allocate a substantial budget for these improvements. The project team successfully navigated logistical challenges, such as relocating residents stairwell by stairwell and overcoming supply chain issues for cabinetry and fire alarm panels.

Meanwhile, Georgian Court, under the guidance of Peter Saunder and assisted by Adam Fouse and Tim Molony, underwent a full-scale renovation of its 147 units. This project included hazardous material abatement and updates to kitchens, bathrooms, doors, and electrical systems. The units were outfitted with luxury vinyl tile flooring, ceramic fixtures, high-end tiling, and granite countertops. Tim highlighted the attention to detail in the project, from the newly installed aluminum canopy and Fundermax siding with granite accents to the revamped stairwells with new flooring and railings.

The exterior of the Georgian Court complex was transformed to meet ADA standards, including repaving and restriping the entire site, updating landscaping, and installing new sidewalks. An educational addition to the community center was constructed to benefit children and families, further demonstrating the HOC's dedication to its residents. Additionally, HOC's investment in a new playground, built to ADA standards, underscored their commitment to inclusivity and the well-being of the community. Both John Hamel and Tim Molony expressed admiration for the HOC's mission, which prioritized the betterment of residents over financial considerations.

Thanks to the Georgian Court Team
Project Executive: Peter Saunder
Project Manager: Adam Fouse
Project Manager: Tim Molony
Superintendent: Brandon Mueller
Superintendent: Dan Navarrette
Superintendent: Ray Raines
Assistant Superintendent: Hugo Lazo
Assistant Superintendent: Stephanie Kucharski
Estimator: Chris Stewart
Project Accountant: Patrice Greene
Project Administrator: Danielle Bowes


Thanks to the Shady Grove Team
Project Executive: John Hamel
Project Manager: Tom Dewlin
Project Manager: Joe Ellison
Assistant Project Manager: George Turner
Superintendent: Jeffery Koenig
Superintendent: Tim Ellis
Assistant Superintendent: Darryl Jones
Assistant Superintendent: Matt Carson
Project Accountant: Debbie Burtaine
Project Administrator: Emily Rinehart
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Shady Grove Pictures

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