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Mike Zielinski 5 Years at Hamel!

News | Published: June 13, 2022

Congratulations to Mike Zielinski for his 5 Years at Hamel!

Mike has been a superintendent since his promotion in 2018 and has worked on many successful projects from Woodmont Crossing to Murraygate Village. Since his start with Hamel, Mike has made great developments as a Superintendent and has been an integral part of the Hamel Team ever since. We sat down with Mike and asked him to reflect on his time at Hamel and what it has meant to him.


On His Development During His Time at Hamel:

“I would have to say my greatest development would simply be the amount of knowledge that I have been able to absorb over the 5 years that I have been employed here.  From one project to the next, you hardly ever see anything that is exactly the same, and there are always new learning experiences along the way.  Working with some of our subcontractors, we come across great minds that can help come up with ideas to resolve difficult situations.  It’s always great to take those moments and bring them with you to the next project.”

On The Construction Industry & How It’s Evolved:

“The construction industry is ever evolving. The greatest impact I have seen so far is the use of new technologies in the construction industry.  We now have software and programs to track project items to a new level.  Everything used to be pen and paper, but now we have QR code systems that can be scanned at areas of the building and provide you with all the information for the work area you are about to enter.  I also recently discovered that drones are now being used to power wash façade at higher elevations.  Technology will always improve and never cease to amaze me.”

Reflecting On His Greatest Accomplishments at Hamel: 

“The completion of each and every project that I have worked on so far has been a great achievement in its own right.  Every project operates and is structured a little bit differently, however there is nothing more satisfying than seeing the finish product after the project has finally been completed.  Another great accomplishment would be my promotion to Superintendent in 2018.  I was able to grow rather quickly through tutelage and oversight of others and have been appreciative for the experience and journey thus far.”

On His Fondest Memories Working at Hamel:

“I would have to say that all of my fondest memories come from moments spent with other employees on the projects that I have worked on.  Working with Brandon Murphy at Park Tanglewood and Woodmont Crossing was a pleasure.  He always knows how to make the workplace fun and enjoyable, while also developing me to become a successful Superintendent.  Murraygate Village had many great moments working alongside Andre Hoggard, Larry Kenny, Hunter Mattey, Stephanie Yarrish, and Shawn Crosby.  We all have the same goal to push and complete our projects, but also are sure to have many laughs along the way.  It’s been fun working around great project teams.  Additional shout-outs to Joe Gauntner, Pete Saunder, and Rob Lesniewski.  Looking forward to more great moments!”

On What Working With Hamel Has Meant For Him Personally:

“Working with Hamel has been a pleasure over my 5 years employed here.   I have met a lot of great people and made many new friends along the way.  I really enjoy the ‘family-like’ structure that Hamel is built around, and it makes working for Hamel very fulfilling.  As a Superintendent, I have learned many new things since coming to Hamel and continuously learn from one project to the next.  Hamel has some really great staff members that have been able to help me advance and develop my skills over the years.”

On His Favorite Projects:

“It’s really hard to choose my favorite project.  Every project has its own fun story and memories to go along with them.  But if I had to choose one project, it would be Savor at Studio.  Savor was a tenant fit-out, in which we constructed a commercial kitchen, restaurant, and marketplace.  It was my first time ever building a commercial kitchen and I learned a lot from the experience.  Seeing the finish product and outcome of the product was a great experience.”

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