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Mike Nemo 25 Years With Hamel!

News | Published: February 22, 2022

Mike Nemo - 25 Years With Hamel! 

We sat down with Mike and asked him to reflect on his time here at Hamel and what it has meant to

One of Mike’s greatest accomplishments during his time at Hamel was being a part of the group that
created Hamel’s core values and mission statement years ago that states, “Our Mission is to improve
the quality of life of others. By applying our core values we create Outstanding Partnerships”. A
statement that to Mike, sums up his time at Hamel. Not only does it fit his mindset, but it made him
both ready and able to execute those values every day.

On the construction industry:
The construction industry has always been a difficult and trying environment, one that’s not meant
for weak minded people. In order to solve problems at hand you’ll need to have an entrepreneurship
attitude to solve problems and think outside the box. Case in point, the past 2 years of dealing with
Covid has drastically changed the industry. Inflation and supply chain issues have been at the
forefront of those problems. In order to execute and be successful you’ll need to work much
smarter to purchase, schedule, and execute projects regardless of size.

On the working environment in construction:
I enjoy developing relationships with all members of the Hamel Family. I feel it’s vital for the success
of the job that there is a team that’s both cohesive and contain a positive attitude. Understanding
that regardless of the circumstance each job may face, the team is always needed to pull together
and execute.

Reflecting on his time at Hamel & his favorite projects:
Working at Hamel gave me a sense of security. I always felt that there would be a future and the
ability to eventually retire someday. I believe that if given the opportunity, those that work hard &
efficiently will be successful. In terms of my favorite project, I could honestly say that every project I
was a part of was a favorite. The teams that were assembled to execute the projects were always a
joy to be a part of. Especially when there were tenants involved because they became a part of the
success story.

In Mike’s 25 years at Hamel, he has been responsible for the completion of 71 projects and
8,785 total units. A few of his most recent projects include McCulloh Homes Extension, House of
Lebanon, and The Carlin. Mike has been an invaluable part of the Hamel family and has left lasting
impacts on everyone he has worked with from subcontractors to Hamel employees to corporate
partners. Here's to many more years, Mike!

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