Southwest Towers (East Tower)

Hamel Scholar - Nicholas Zeitler

News | Published: July 28, 2020

“I am so grateful for the Hamel Scholarship support I’m receiving because I know that means I won’t be left worrying so much about paying off debt after graduating.” —Nicholas Zeitler

Nicholas Zeitler, son of Accounting Manager Tonia McCaig, is stepping back into college! With the support from the Ed and Fern Hamel Scholarship Fund, he will continue where he left off three years ago at Carroll Community College in the Business Administration program. Upon graduating, Nicholas will be continuing his education at a four-year college, such as Towson University. While Nicholas has had his fair share of challenges and accomplishments, his journey is far from over. Education remains his top priority, and he is focused on his first significant objective – attaining a bachelor’s degree in Finance.

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