Southwest Towers (East Tower)

Hamel Scholar - Ben Marasco

News | Published: September 5, 2019

Ben, stepson of Executive Assistant, April Marasco, is always curious and demonstrates a thirst for knowledge. He is currently enrolled in the Computer Science program at Howard Community College (HCC) and will complete the program in the spring of 2020. This fall he will begin applying to the University of Maryland, Johns Hopkins University, MIT and Carnegie Mellon to pursue his bachelor’s in computer science. He aspires to work in the world of technology and innovation. To accomplish this Ben will concentrate his efforts in higher learning. He plans to further his education and passion for technology by pursuing a master’s and doctorate degree.

Ben takes pride in reaching out to others and believes in giving back to make a difference. With the help of his former high school teachers, he repairs used computers and gives them to students who can't afford one of their own.

This scholarship has opened a new and wonderful career paths for Ben to take. “I hope that someday I am able to pass on this opportunity to someone else, just as The Hamel’s have done for me,” he says.

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