Southwest Towers (East Tower)

Hamel Scholar - Madison Rinehart

News | Published: September 5, 2019

Madison, the stepdaughter of Senior Project Manager, Rob Lesniewski and a talented artist. She has always had an enormous interest in art and used it as an outlet throughout her childhood to help her cope with change and to express herself and her emotions visually and interpretively.

She graduated from Harford Community College in December of 2018 with her associate of arts degree in graphic design. Thanks to the Hamel Scholarship, doors have opened, and she transferred to Towson University to further her studies as a Designer and to achieve her goal of obtaining her bachelor’s degree in graphic design.

Her long-term goal is to have a career where she can use her skills and talents as an artist and as a designer, to help people around her. She has always wanted to impact the world in a positive way. She says, “The world is an amazing, beautiful place, and I wish to manifest its beauty and express it through my artworks and design.”


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