Southwest Towers (East Tower)

Hamel Scholar - Lacy Eady

News | Published: December 2, 2019

Lacy is the daughter of Gene Eady, Project Manager at Hamel Builders, Inc. Lacy graduated from Mercy High School in Baltimore County in 2016. Her favorite subjects were History and English. She is attending Community College of Baltimore where she plans to major in Dental Hygiene.

Lacy believes that being a young person in college has its rewards as well as challenges. She has a strong sense of community and enjoys bringing people together for a common cause. Her hobby is soccer and she loves spending time with her dogs, Geo and Marley.

“The Ed and Fern Hamel Scholarship Fund is an awesome program.” Lacy says. “Having the opportunity to participate in something truly special. I am telling my friends about this program.”

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