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Emelio Williams Journey to Project Engineer

News | Published: February 15, 2024

Emelio Williams discovered Hamel at a job fair in Washington D.C., which marked the beginning of his career in the construction industry. Starting as a laborer on the St. Stephens Apartments project, he worked under the guidance of Steve Wahl, who played a pivotal role in his early career.

Wanting to improve on his skills, Emelio was drawn to the carpenter apprentice program. This decision was fueled by his understanding that education and skill development were crucial for advancing in construction. During his apprenticeship, he honed the skill of framing from the ground up, a technique he continues to utilize in his current role.

Upon graduating from the apprentice program, Emelio transitioned to the role of project engineer at Hamel. His days are now filled with learning new construction methods, making processes more efficient, and learning about the administrative side of project management. This includes mastering daily logs, report writing, and effectively capturing and describing project-related photographs.

Williams' ambitions at Hamel are clear - he aspires to become a superintendent, showcasing his commitment to continual growth and leadership within the company. Throughout his journey, he credits two key mentors: Steve Wahl, who imparted crucial lessons on managing subcontractors and machinery, and Chris Schatz, who introduced him to the administrative aspects of construction, including software like Procore. When asked about Emelio's contributions to the team, Superintendent, Chris Schatz was quoted saying "Emelio is one of the hardest working people I have had the pleasure of working with. He continues to impress me in his new role as Project Engineer and I know he will be successful on his journey at Hamel. I will always welcome him as a member of my team."

The St. Stephens project holds a special place in Emelio's heart. It was his first job and a constant reminder that he was a part of something important, as well as his growth every time he passes by it. What resonates most with him about working at Hamel is the family-like atmosphere, which he experiences both in the office and on-site. This sense of belonging and community has been instrumental in his journey from a Laborer to a Project engineer, and it continues to fuel his aspirations within the company.

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