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ED & Fern Scholarship Fund Highlight - Sydni Robertson

News | Published: July 12, 2022

ED & Fern Scholarship Fund Highlight - Sydni Robertson

Sydni graduated from McDonough High School and chose Towson University (TU) to pursue her interest in their entrepreneurship program which is based in the College of Business and Economics. Superintendent, Doug Robertsons’ only daughter, is a smart, and confident young student. She excelled in high school, volunteered at a local animal shelter, and developed a strong interest in caring for animals. While volunteering, she noticed a need for pet care services in her community. Upon graduation, she hopes to start an animal care business of her own.

One way Sydni can realize her goal is through TU’s recently introduced StarTUp Accelerator program. A startup accelerator is a short-term growth program that promotes a few years of growth in the span of a few months. Think of them as a boot camp in market-readiness and investment development. Studies show graduates from top-rated accelerator programs reached key milestones sooner. There are several benefits of a startup accelerator, including, seed funding, coworking and private work time, training, and networking.

TU is a good fit for Sydni and her family. With Sydni’s hard work and the financial boost provide by the Hamel Scholarship Program, her career possibilities are limitless.

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