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ED & Fern Scholarship Fund Highlight - Jackson Miller

News | Published: June 30, 2022

ED & Fern Scholarship Fund Highlight - Jackson Miller

Entrepreneur. Side Hustler. Businessman. Those are the buzzwords to best describe Jackson, Hamel Builders Superintendent, Tim Miller oldest son. Jackson launched a small landscaping business while he was a junior in high school because he wanted to earn money. Instead of being caught up in “collecting” social media fans, he focuses on “connecting” through word-of-mouth
marketing to drive sales and recruit clients. He currently runs his operation while studying Business Management at Harford Community College.

Jackson made a smart business decision to earn his associate degree in two years at a community college, then transfer to a four-year program. Two year schools are significantly less expensive and will allow Jackson the opportunity to complete nearly all his degree prerequisites.

It’s no secret the Ed and Fern Hamel Scholarship covers Jacksons’ full tuition at Harford Community College and using this strategy to earn a 4-year degree will save thousands of dollars. It also affords him the flexibility of taking classes in the evening, on weekends and online which is a crucial part of managing his growing landscape business.


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