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Ed & Fern Scholarship Fund Highlight - Cordell Austin

News | Published: October 4, 2022


Due to the circumstances surrounding my bilateral hearing loss and speech delays, I did not anticipate entering college as a Guilford County student. However, through God's grace, I've learned to endure and conquer numerous challenges in my life. In 2019, I received my high school diploma and an Associate in Science from Guilford Technical Community College Early Middle College. This five-year curriculum allowed me to transfer most of my college credits to East Carolina University and earn my bachelor's degree in Biology in two and a half years.

If you were to ask me about my college experiences, I would reply that they provided a chance for learning and growth. As a typical college student, I wanted to do everything, including partying, interacting with friends, traveling, and so on. However, as I matured, my focus shifted to my education, mental health, and commitment to the local community. For example, I either studied for lengthy
periods or surrounded myself with likeminded motivating students who pressed me to better my studies. I attended religious activities to meet my emotional and spiritual demands. Finally, I joined several groups and/or events that helped me develop my leadership and interpersonal skills.

Throughout college, I was thankful to my friends and family for their compassion, support, and love. Although, I never imagined that the Ed and Fern Hamel Scholarship would bring me such wonderful people as Mr. Hamel and Ms. Hines. My college experience would not have been feasible without them.

I have many things to say about Mr. and Mrs. Hamel and what they have done for me, but it all boils down to a straightforward message, "thank you for transforming my life." Mr. and Mrs. Hamel deserve special appreciation for believing in me, providing me with an opportunity to relieve my family's financial burden, focus entirely on my academics, and move me one step closer to my aspirations and goals of becoming a pediatric physician.

To all ambitious students, I encourage you to give your all in everything you do, stay intent on your studies, set your sights on your objectives, and persevere until you achieve them.


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