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“Always Rise Above” Alex C. Dorsey II

News | Published: July 29, 2021

University of Tampa ’21

Alex Dorsey II, always dreamed about becoming an attorney for the Innocence Project – a non-profit legal group that works to exonerate the wrongfully accused.

Alex took his first step to pursue his ambition and graduated from The University of Tampa with his bachelor’s degree in Criminology/Criminal Justice with a minor in Law, Justice, & Advocacy. Alex is now working full-time as a Logistics Broker at Total Quality Logistics. He plans to remain in Tampa, continue to study for the LSAT, and attend law school.

While Alex is excited about graduation, the fulfillment of a childhood passion was not easy. Life presented him with many challenges that he overcame thanks to his inner strength, support from his family, and the Hamel Scholarship.

His message for anyone in school is to “Always rise above. Of course, you will face hardships and challenges along the way to earning that degree. Always rise above and use your knowledge to overcome and to go make a difference in the world.”

Hats Off to You, Alex!

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